If you’re not the alcohol type then that’s all good, we have a range of drinks to quench your thirst. And of course they’re fresh, independently made, and not full of sugar or dodgy chemicals.

The current soft drinks being served in our Bears are:

Dalston Cola

3Spice & citrus infusion with real cola nuts.

An original cola with a powerful kick. Made with juiced lemon, lime and orange juices, sultanas, fresh ginger root, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, lavender, and of course – bundles of fresh cola nuts. 100% natural, free from sulphites.

Dalston Real Lemonade

1With quality sugars and a hint of spice.

Exactly that. Made from fresh juiced lemons. 100% natural. Free from sulphites.

Dalston Raw Fiyah (Ginger Beer)

2Made with fresh ginger, sugar, citrus and spices.

Spicy fiery ginger beer with fresh root ginger, juiced lemon and lime. 100% natural. Free from sulphites





Find out more about Dalston here – www.dalstoncola.co.uk

Lovely Drinks

LovelyAn award-winning range of quintessentially English sparkling soft drinks and juices.

They source their ingredients as locally as they can, using British products if they cannot find them in the area. They buy ginger from Bristol’s Fruit Market and use elderflowers picked in the hedgerows. They use apples, blackcurrants and raspberries from Somerset and Herefordshire, Cotswold lavender, Lincolnshire roses, Yorkshire rhubarb and British sugar.

Lovely Juices are pasteurised for freshness and do not use any concentrates, artificial flavourings or preservatives.

Find out more about Lovely Drinks here – www.lovelydrinks.co.uk

We also stock a range of mixers such as:

Fever-Tree Premium Tonic.
Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic.
Fever-Tree Lemonade.
Frobisher’s Orange juice.
Frobisher’s Tomato juice.