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“I’m not paying that for a pint!”….

….a comment we have heard on a few occasions since we made the decision to install a Lindr keg dispenser at The Wight Bear and The Saxon Bear. In this post we hope to explain and discuss our thoughts behind why we made this decision and why the price of the beer is so different to the average price of a pint from a cask.
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There’s a new Bear in (any) Town

We are excited to announce that The Bear Beer Family has a new family member, with the addition of The Wild Bear Ale Tent – The Bear that goes anywhere.

Available to hire for festivals, weddings & events.

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#caskgate – Our view from the cellar

As a Micropub that specialises in the delivery of beer direct from the cask in a temperature controlled cellar by means of gravity, it is sad to read some recent blogs and articles surrounding the use of cask as a method of supply.

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Bank Holiday Bear Festival

Two Bears. Four Days. Forty Firkins.

Join us to enjoy a mix of ales from local and national brewers over the long weekend as we bring you our first ever Bank Holiday Bear Festival.

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The Barker Boys Are Back!

We wanted to let you know of some very special nights happening at the Bears in just a few weeks time…

Following on from their successful packed out debut last year, The Barker Boys are back at the start of August for two nights of loud-ish music as they play at both The Wight Bear (Mon 1st Aug) and The Saxon Bear (Tues 2nd Aug).

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Boring Bear Work (Closed next Mon & Tues)

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say both Bears will be closed on Monday and Tuesday next week (6th & 7th June) so we can carry out odd jobs.

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Time for a Bear Update

So it’s been a whirlwind of a summer and we are not entirely sure what happened but allegedly we opened a Micropub!

Without question the most amazing thing about opening The Wight Bear has been the positive reaction we have received from our local community, and East Dorset CAMRA – not to mention the award for ‘Pub of the Season’ for Autumn. We’re very proud and humbled.

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